2024 Marine Catalogue - Canada

NP53 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE Item# Type Hub Application Rubex Hub Kit with Hardware 496-RBX125B D-Series Bronze Evinrude/Johnson/BRP & Suzuki; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX126B D-Series Bronze Evinrude/Johnson/BRP & Suzuki; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX109B D-Series Bronze Nissan/Tohatsu; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX150B D-Series Bronze Suzuki; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX208B D-Series Bronze Yamaha; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX102B D & E-Series Bronze Mercury/Mariner/Mercruiser, Force, Yamaha & Honda; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX104B E-Series Bronze Evinrude/Johnson/BRP & Suzuki; 15 tooth spline 43/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX105B E-Series Bronze Volvo & OMC/Cobra Sterndrives; 19 tooth spline 43/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX203B E-Series Bronze Yamaha; 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX203X E-Series Bronze Yamaha; 200 - 250HP, SHO (4 stroke), 2010 & Newer, 15 Spline Propshaft 43/ 4" Gearcase 496-RBX127 E+ Series Bronze Yamaha; 17 tooth spline 51/ 4" Gearcase Rubex Hub Only w/o Hardware 496-17013300 C-Series Alum. 13 Tooth Spline 31/ 4" Gearcase 496-17015302 E-Series Alum. 15 tooth spline 41/ 4" Gearcase • Seats to propeller hub cavity to eliminate hub chatter and vibration • Reusable if propeller is damaged • Anodized aluminum hub (some available in bronze) • One piece rubber construction • no plastics to deteriorate • All necessary hardware included • Interchangeable with Mercury Flo-Torque and Michigan Vortex propellers Visit www.solas. com and www. rubexprops.com or download the Prop Finder App available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for application information. RBX™ INTERCHANGEABLE HUB FOR RUBEX PROPELLER Item# Model Type Description Application Thrust Washer 496-8101121 OATW A-Series Thrust Washer BRP J/E 496-8101124 ODTW D-Series Thrust Washer BRP J/E 496-8101111 MATW A-Series Thrust Washer Mercury 496-8101113 MCTW C-Series Thrust Washer Mercury 496-81013150 METW D-1/E-Series Thrust Washer Mercury 496-8101161 8101161 A-Series Thrust Washer Honda 496-8101162 8101162 B-Series Thrust Washer Honda 496-8101165 HETW E-Series Thrust Washer Honda 496-8101141 SATW A-Series Thrust Washer Suzuki 496-8101151 TATW A-Series Thrust Washer Tohatsu 496-8101152 TBTW B-Series Thrust Washer Tohatsu 496-8101153 8101153 C-Series Thrust Washer Tohatsu 496-8101131 YATW A-Series Thrust Washer Yamaha 496-8101132 YBTW B-Series Thrust Washer Yamaha 496-8101133 YCTW C-Series Thrust Washer Yamaha Washer SST 496-8108114 MEWS D/D-1/E-Series Washer SST Mercury 496-81081140 MEWS2 E-Series Washer SST Mercury 496-8104141 SAWS A-Series Washer SST Suzuki 496-8104151 TAWS A-Series Washer SST Tohatsu 496-8104133 YCWS C-Series Washer SST Yamaha 496-81061140 YDWS C/D/D-1,2,3/E-Series (Varies by Engine MFG) Washer SST Yamaha, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Honda Nut 496-8114121 OANT A-Series Nut BRP J/E 496-8114122 OBNT B-Series Nut BRP J/E 496-8114123 OCNT C-Series Nut BRP J/E 496-8114125 OENT E-Series Nut BRP J/E 496-8114111 MANT A-Series Nut Mercury 496-8114113 MCNT C-Series Nut Mercury 496-8114114 MDNT D/D-1/E-Series Nut Mercury 496-8114142 SBNT B-Series Nut Suzuki 496-8114151 TANT A/B-Series Nut Tohatsu 496-8114153 TCNT C-Series Nut Tohatsu 496-8114131 YANT A-Series Nut Yamaha, Honda 496-8114132 YBNT B-Series Nut Yamaha, Honda 496-8114133 YCNT C/D-1-Series Nut Yamaha, Honda 496-8114135 YENT D-2-Series Nut Yamaha Spacer 496-8105121 OASP A-Series Spacer BRP J/E 496-8105122 OBSP B-Series Spacer BRP J/E 496-8105111 MASP A-Series Spacer Mercury 496-81051151 MESP2 E-Series Spacer Mercury Spacer 496-8105132 YBSP B-Series Spacer Yamaha, Honda 496-8105133 YCSP C-Series Spacer Yamaha, Honda 496-8105134 YDSP D/D-2/E-Series Spacer Yamaha, Tohatsu Cotter Pin 496-85100001 CPIN C/D/D-1-Series (Varies by engine mfg) Cotter Pin Yamaha, Tohatsu, Honda 496-85100003 EPIN C/D/D-1,2,3/E-Series (Varies by engine mfg) Cotter Pin BRP J/E, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda Type may vary by manufacturer, visit www.solas.com and www. rubexprops.com for current application information. PROPELLER HARDWARE YCTW YBTW MEWS TAWS YDWS YCWS OCNT OENT MANT HBTW HATW TATW TCTW YATW METW MCTW OATW ODTW MDNT MCNT TANT YBNT YANT YCNT YCSP OBSP EPIN