2024 Marine Catalogue - Canada

NP58 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE The FEEL GOOD Life Vest offers maximum flexibility and safety. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Transport CA, the zipper secures the jacket onto your torso for a snug fit while the dual quick-release buckles around the waist keep the jacket from riding up. Made from evoprene, a soft, fast-drying material designed to promote mobility while ensuring proper flotation in the water. 23WLV4826 & 23WLV4827 Have a zipper that ensures a secure fit, plus two buckles that keep the life jacket in place without riding up. Item# Size Weight Chest Color 742-23WLV4827 Child 33-55 lbs. N/A Yellow 742-23WLV4826 Youth 55-90 lbs. N/A Blue 742-23WLV4823 Adult XS/S N/A 30"-36" Blue 742-23WLV4824 Adult L/XL N/A 36"-44" Blue 742-23WLV4825 Adult XXL/XXXL N/A 44"-56" Blue Adult Blue Child Youth FEEL GOOD LIFE VEST Soft Top material inflatable pool noodle. Good For Pools and lakes. 1 year warranty. Item# Description Size 742-23WPF4641 49' L 742-23WPF4642 Floral 49" L SOFT TOP POOL NOODLE Tropical Floral Item# Description Size 742-23WPF4835 Batman 49" L 742-23WPF4836 Superman 49" L Inflatable and a soft top pool noodle so you can enjoy the convenience of it all. Easy to inflate and covered with your favorite superhero. Easy to deflate and rollup to tuck into your pool bag. Soft top covering keeps it comfortable and cool while you enjoy a dip in the pool. SUPERHERO POOL NOODLE Batman Superman Item# Size 742-23WIL4682 8' x 5' 742-23WIL4683 8' x 8' Drop Stitch technology allows the inflatable to be extremely rigid with no flex to support a lot of weight and various activities. People can stand on it with no problem, put chairs on it, even a cooler! Several Reinforced D-Rings to connect to more Vacation Stations or other Docks. You can tether to boat, or add an anchor. • Velcro connection straps included to connect to other docks • Includes Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge, and Carrier • Handles on all 4 sides for transporting and carrying to and from water • 1 year warranty DROP STITCH VACATION STATION DECK RESORT ISLAND Item# Riders Size 742-23WIL4759 6-8 96" L x 117" H x 28" W Floating lounger that brings all extra laughs, relaxation, and joy to your summer days. Perfect for big family groups, parties, and reunions, this giant, heavy-gauge inflatable lake couch features a semi-circle shape design resembling a cozy couch at home. The shape also has a center opening for dipping your toes, which makes conversation easy. The high back seats add extra comfort when hanging out, and the cup holders provide a dedicated spot for all your drinks. Rope holders around the perimeter to tether to your dock, boat, or the shore. Equipped with handles on the sides for easy transportation. Item# Size 990-ZUP75816d 50" x 20" Handles make it eaier to get to your knees and grab the tow rope! Featuring molded-in fins. The unique blend of both waterski and wakeboard features utilizes beveled edges to sit lower in the water, providing added stability and quick edge-to-edge transitions, while also allowing for fun spins. • Integrated Handles For Easy Starts • 3/4” EVA Foam Pad • Integrated Tow Hook • Adjustable, Padded Strap HANDLE IT KNEEBOARD Item# Riders 742-22WTO3931 1-3 Off-Road Truck standing and kneeling towable tube. • Soft foam filled handles • Room for the whole crew from in the spacious, fully loaded truck • Heavy-Duty tow system with molded connector for fast and easy tow rope hookups • Spacious truck bed design allows riders to stand or kneel PICK UP TRUCK TOWABLE