2024 Marine Catalogue - Canada

NP3 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE Item# Description Lens Bracket 177-V203BKA Amber Black 177-V203BKR Red Black 177-V203KA Amber Chrome 177-V203KR Red Chrome 177-V203A Light Module Only Amber 177-V203R Light Module Only Red • DOT compliant • 2 diodes. PC Rated - may be used as a combination clearance and side marker when properly mounted. Recommended for marine trailers. • LED replacement for 150 series incandescent light • Polycarbonate lens and base are welded together • Grommet / Surface mount includes light, bracket, lead wire and screws • Mounts on 2" centers. 2.48" W x 1.2"H x .84" D LED SEALED CLEARANCE/ SIDE MARKER LIGHT ASSEMBLY Amber/Black Red/Chrome Item# Type 57-3453 New Starter for Honda and Tohatsu Outboards Fits: 75-150hp - 2004-2014 Replaces: Honda 31200-ZY6-003, 31200-ZY9-003, 31200-ZY9-H01, 31200-ZY9A-0031 Tohatsu HZY631200003, HZY3-31630-003, HZY6-31200003,HZY9-31200-H01 Sierra 18-6959 HONDA AND TOHATSU OUTBOARD STARTER Item# Type 57-6296 New Fits: Yamaha 25hp-40hp, 2000-2022 Replaces: 67C-43880-10-00, 67C-43880-01-00, 67C43880-00-00, 65W-43880-10-00 YAMAHA TILT TRIM MOTOR Item# Type 57-6800 New Fits: Yamaha 225hp-250hp, 1993-2003 Replaces: Mercury 8M0055006, 893518T01, 830150T10, 830150T6, 830150T4 MERCURY TILT TRIM MOTOR Item# Type 57-6297 New Fits: Yamaha 225hp-250hp- 1993-2003 Replaces: Yamaha 61A-43880-02-00, 61A-43880-01-00, 61A-43880-00-00 Sierra Tilt Trim Motor 18-6782 YAMAHA TILT TRIM MOTOR Item# Type 57-3456 New Starter for Yamaha Outboards Fits: 200-250hp - 2003-2009 Replaces: Yamaha 60X-81800-01-00, 60X-81800-00-00, 60V-818000000 Sierra 18-6832 Hitachi S114-863 YAMAHA STARTER 200-250 HP Item# Type 57-3452 New Starter for Suzuki and Johnson-Evinrude Outboards Fits: 70hp-90hp, 150hp-300hp - 2004-2017 Replaces: Suzuki 31100-96J02, 31100-96J01,31100-96J00, 3110093J00 Johnson-Evinrude 5035078 Sierra 18-6941 Hitachi S114-868 SUZUKI STARTER Item# Type 57-3451 New Starter for Yamaha Outboards Fits: 300hp-425hp - 2007-2022 Replaces: Yamaha: 6AW-81800-00-00 Mitsubishi: M008T71771, M008T71772 Sierra Outboard Starter 18-55507 YAMAHA STARTER 300-425 HP Item# Type 57-3450 New Starter for Yamaha Outboards Fits: 25hp-40hp - 2009-2022 Replaces: Yamaha 6BG-81800-00-00 Mitsubishi Outboard Starter M0TA5071 Sierra Outboard Starter 18-6964 YAMAHA STARTER 25-40 HP Item# Type 57-3449 New Starter for Suzuki & Johnson-Evinrude Outboards Fits: 9.9hp-20hp, 40hp-60hp - 2005-2018 Replaces: Suzuki 31100-94J22, 31100-94J21, 31100-94J20, 3110094J10 Johnson-Evinrude 5036244 SUZUKI / JOHNSON-EVINRUDE STARTER Item# Type 57-3448 New OEM Premium Replacement Starter for Suzuki Outboard Fits: Suzuki Outboard 70hp - 100hp, 150-350hp – 2017-2023 Replaces: Suzuki 31100-98L10, 31100-98L00 Sierra 18-6962 Mitsubishi M000TD5872 SUZUKI STARTER