2024 Marine Catalogue - Canada

NP39 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE Item# Description For Use With 589-U65 65W USB Charge Cable Boost GBX45 - GBX155 Recharges Boost X Lithium Jump Starters. Safely and efficiently recharges GBX45, GBX55, GBX75 and GBX155 up to five times faster than traditional USB wall or car chargers. Includes interchangeable adapters for Australia, Europe, North America, and United Kingdom USB-C CHARGER FOR BOOST X JUMP STARTER Item# Description For Use With 589-GBC011 65W 12V Charge Cable Boost GBX45 - GBX155 Connects directly to the NOCO Boost X jump starter's USB-C IN/OUT ports. Easily charge all Boost X models through 12-volt and 12-volt mini auxiliary ports in a fraction of the time with up to 65W USB-C power delivery. LED indicator illuminates when the vehicle's 12-volt is active. 65W GBX 12V CAR CHARGER FOR BOOST X JUMP STARTER Item# Amps Volts Length 589-GCP1E 15 125 6' 589-GCP1EX 15 125 12' 2 Way, Dual Cord 589-GCP2 15 125 2 x 18" Mounts to the exterior to make the charging port more accessible. Quick plug-n-play with any extension cord. Requires no cable modifications or hard wiring. Sleek, low-profile design includes a snap-fit cap for a watertight seal. Ideal for Boats, Golf Carts, UTVs or virtually any other electric vehicle. UL certified and fits into any 2" hole size. AC PORT PLUG W/ EXTENSION CABLE GCP1 GCP2, Dual • Triple gasket sealing process eliminates gas leakage past the shell • 99% Highly pure alumina silicate insulator, solid copper core • Trivalent plating - silver chromate and zinc for corrosion resistance Sold in Standard Packs Only STANDARD SPARK PLUGS Item# Mfg # Model Qty Pkg. C Series 41-7784 7784 CR8EB 4 Boxed